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  • Wusel- and Structure-Rats  – building great and innovative teams

    Wusel- and Structure-Rats – building great and innovative teams

    Observing nature can lead to great insights. And sometimes looking at a group of rats can teach you how to build great teams, organisations and human relationships in general. This is the theory of wusel- and structure-rats. The initial theory came from my mentor and friend Jan Dzulko. He derived it from the learnings of […]

  • The Three Pillars of Sanity

    The Three Pillars of Sanity

    Good days, bad days. We all have them, we swing between them. Some swing more, some less. There’s constant movement and that’s totally normal. Sometimes these days stretch over weeks and become longer periods. Did you ever ask yourself: why? Often people tend to look for external events explaining their current situation. And sure, these […]

  • LBWA: Leadership by Wandering Around

    LBWA: Leadership by Wandering Around

    If you ever worked with me, you know I’m in constant movement. Walking around. Chatting. Thinking. I’ve always done this, it came naturally to me and I never understood why I’m doing that. Now I know – it’s LBWA – Leadership by Wandering Around. This is a common method, widely known as MBWA – Management […]

  • The Innovation Coin Principle – how to balance innovation and efficiency

    The Innovation Coin Principle – how to balance innovation and efficiency

    Engineers like to build stuff. That’s what they were educated for, do and love! And most engineers love their new toys. New Languages, frameworks, new, new. That’s great, because most engineers I’ve met in my career are curious by nature and that is very important! The whole tech industry moves at a very high pace. […]

  • Das Phrasenschwein – The “Phrase Piggy”

    Das Phrasenschwein – The “Phrase Piggy”

    The german language is great. It allows all kind of combinations of words, enabling to create precise terms for particular things. Since I’ve decided to continue my blog in english, there’s some translation work necessary. Some more, some less effective or correct. Anyways, let’s start with a term, that’s hard to translate: Das Phrasenschwein is […]

  • The Journey Continues

    The Journey Continues

    Roughly 10 years ago I started my first blog – in german. The idea was to sort my thoughts and collect powerful ideas. Now – years later – the same urge has me back and I’m starting yet another blog. Topics of interest have changed over time, but I’m still curious and thirsty for learning. […]