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  • Das Phrasenschwein – The “Phrase Piggy”

    Das Phrasenschwein – The “Phrase Piggy”

    The german language is great. It allows all kind of combinations of words, enabling to create precise terms for particular things. Since I’ve decided to continue my blog in english, there’s some translation work necessary. Some more, some less effective or correct. Anyways, let’s start with a term, that’s hard to translate: Das Phrasenschwein is…

  • The Journey Continues

    The Journey Continues

    Roughly 10 years ago I started my first blog – in german. The idea was to sort my thoughts and collect powerful ideas. Now – years later – the same urge has me back and I’m starting yet another blog. Topics of interest have changed over time, but I’m still curious and thirsty for learning.…

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