The Owl

Hi there,

my name is Otto von Wesendonk and thanks for visiting my blog!

So who’s this Owl, well, that’s me. I’m a curious guy, thirsty for learning and growing. In my professional life I’m in the tech and startup business and doing stuff of all sorts.

I’m german, but I was born in Rome, Italy and moved through the whole world due to my parents job as german diplomats. I’ve lived in Rome, Pretoria, Bonn, New Dehli, Vienna, Berlin, finished school in Paris, studied in Munich and currently I’m based in Berlin, Germany.

In my professional life my journey started in Munich at TU München. I’ve studied computer sciene bachelors and masters, while working with great people, like Maximilan Kögel and Prof. Brügge, at the Chair for Applied Software Engineering and EclipseSource. Then I joined forces with the great Jan Dzulko to start M Cube (today part of Check24) and a short stint at everphone. Currently I’m helping out at audibene / If you’re interessted, I’m happy to connect.

I went from learning how to do software engineering and architecture, to getting things done. I’ve learned how to lead and being resilient. My next and current chapter is how to skale what I do by building organisations, full of freedom, trust, performance and fun 🙂

So as you can see, my life is a journey and far from over yet. On my way I’ve met a bunch of great people and I’m always happy to welcome new friends on my journey! So feel free to approach me, discuss, ask, improve or share.

Thank you,


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